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Hard Work = Big Rewards!

Your book is your baby, and we want you to know we'll treat your project with tender loving care. Here's a preview of what we do!

Published Work
Hard Work = Big Rewards!

Your book is your baby, and we want you to know we'll treat your project with tender loving care. Here's a preview of what we do!

  • Tales from Jade Court

    By Shirley Chan

  • I Am, I Can, I Will

    By Brittany Johnson

  • Zakir, Get Outta The Street!

    By Charlotte McAllister Attenborough

  • The Advenutres of Butchie!

    By Mary Edmondson

  • Love Isn't Constant Pain

    K Rashad

  • All Eyes On Me
    By Gary NelsonDo you sometimes feel like all eyes are on you? Follow Darius as he learns how to deal with fear and discovers how to change his thinking to overcome his anxieties, and you can do it too! All Eyes On Me is the first book of a three-book serie...
  • Different, just like you !
    By Teska T Frisby In Different, just like you! Follow Samuel as he goes on his day-to-day journey, and you will see the world through the eyes of someone with special needs. Samuel lives with Cerebral Palsy, but as you will soon discover, his life is no di...
  • Zack's Adventures in Jellymanland
    By Chaitanya Bahadur Chaitanya is a young author from Lucknow Province India. He has big dreams. At only 10-years-old, Zack's Adventures in Jellymanland, is his first published book. He is reaching for the stars! As it's just the first one in a s...
  • Maddys Grumpa Grumpa Day
    By Zoe Duran The huge teardrops poured from Maddy’s brown eyes. Her sad face gazed through the school bus window as the gigantic raindrops splashed against it.Her unusual school day had finally come to an end. The red lights flashed, and the yellow bus cam...
  • Potents
    By Caleb HowardCaleb Howard is a young adult author from New Jersey. Since high school, Caleb has been dreaming of creating his own action series, and with the first episode of his debut Manga series, Potents, he’s on his way.Delia is an ax-wielding prince...
  • Become a Covid-19 Superhero!
    By Sheryl CrawfordPracticing good hygiene, social distancing, and wearing a mask is all it takes to be a Covid-19 Superhero - Young ones can follow the CDC's guidelines, too, and become Covid-19 Superheros today!!!
  • 12 Hours

    By Thagan Nelson

  • Sometimes You Call Me... Water
    By Rikki Lehn Rikki Lehn may currently live in New Jersey, but she was born and raised in New York, and she's very proud of that. Her first book, Sometimes You Call Me... Water made its debut in August of 2020. Her book features poetry infused with R...
  • It's All About You!
    ¡Es Todo Acerca De Ti!
    By Corey Laramore Go on an adventure with a happy little sea turtle, and his family, as he discovers just how much he is loved and cherished. It's All About You! By Corey J. Laramore, is a beautifully written and illustrated children's book tha...
  • Husbands Love Your Wives

  • Amina's Wall
    By Nicole MajorAmina's Wall is a fictional tale that weaves together ancient African Legend with a bit of fairytale flair. Follow our hero as she discovers how to save her kingdom. Fall in love with Amina's Wall over and over again!Amina's W...
  • God is Love

    By Nicole Major

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